To be the most effective and self-reliant Labour Union in Africa and beyond.

Mission Statement
To strengthen human and workers (Labour Union) ensuring descent work place, promote social justice and work to preserve the environment.

Identity of ATGWU
Amalgamated Transport and General Workers' Union (ATGWU) is an autonomous, democratic and voluntary organisation formed, owned funded and run by workers in accordance with its constitution.

Background of ATGWU
ATGWU is Trade Union that traces its genetic roots from the first labour organization formed in Uganda. ATGWU's forerunner, the Uganda Motor Driver's Association was formed by Veteran Politicians and workers's rights activists Mr James Kivu and Mr Ignatius Kangavve Musaaz, and was registered by then the colonial government labour department in 1938. In 1949 the transport and general worker's Union was registered by Mr Musaazi as its President. The union under went various transformations in its current forms. It was registered as a T.U.7 under section 10 of the Trade union act of 1970. Its head quarter is located on Entebbe Road at Kajjansi near Kajjansi Progressive Secondary School.

ATGWU Core Valves
The values of ATGWU are fundamental guiding principles that shape the way we think and behave. We are committed to;
  1. Being Democratic
  2. Being of highest Integrity
  3. United & with Team work.
  4. Being Transparent and Accountable
  5. Equity and fairness
  6. Voluntarism and Being Committed 
Scope/ Jurisdiction of ATGWU
ATGWU organizes and represents workers in companies operating in trades and industries of;
  1. Civil Aviation transport
  2. Road Transport 
  3. Chemical and Oil 
  4. Private Security 
  5. Property maintenance and General workers in support services
Objectives of the ATGWU.
The Union shall aim at achieving the following objectives;
  1. To secure and maintain complete organization into the Union of all workers eligible for membership.
  2. To secure, improve upon and maintain just rates of wages and other terms and conditions of service/employment for its membership. 
  3. To regulate and improve relationship and settle disputes between its members and their employers, between one member and another between its members and other workers. 
  4. To provide legal assistance to its members, in pursuit of their rights and/or in furtherance of their interests. 
  5. To promote social, material and educational welfare and facilities for its members and ensure that social justice prevails in the industries. 
  6. To provide financial assistance to its members who may be in need of it arising out of industrial disputes. 
  7. To co-operate with other organizations pursuing similar objectives in order to promote and safeguard the interests and rights of members. This shall be achieved by, where Necessary, affiliating with such organizations be within or outside Uganda. 
  8. To promote affirmative action and protect the right to equal treatment with dignity and respect, so as to enable the Union to benefit from all its human resource irrespective of race, sex, age, creed, political ideology or affiliation. 
Membership Eligibility.
Membership of the union is open, without discrimination to all the workers within the jurisdiction of the mentioned trade and industries. An eligible worker can join ATGWU by signing a membership declaration form.
Every member has the right to fully enjoy and benefit from the services of the union without discrimination, and to participant fully in the business and activities of the Union, including providing leadership at any level.
Every member is obliged to respect and uphold the union constitution and to strengthen and protect the Union.