The supreme authority in the running of the affairs of the Union is vested in the Delegates Conference (DC). ATGWU has three types of delegate’s conferences, namely:

  1. The Quinquennial Delegates Conference (QDC) held after every five years
  2. The Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) which held annual
  3. The Extraordinary Delegates Conference (EDC) held on a request of at least one tenth of the unions’ members

 These Delegates Conference transact normal Delegates Conference business in accordance with the ATGWU Constitution. 

National Executive Board

This is next administrative authority after Delegates Conference. It is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the implementation of Delegate Conference resolutions and directives,and of managing the affairs of the Union. 

The National Executive Board consists of the following of which zt least a third 1/3 must be women; 

  1. National Chairperson
  2. Vice National Chairperson
  3. General Secretary
  4. Deputy General Secretary
  5. National Treasurer
  6. Woman Representative
  7. Youth Representative
  8. Representative of Workers With Disability
  9. And Representative of all shop and associations not already in the above positions 

The Secretariat

The Secretariat of the Union at the Union Headquarters is headed by the General Secretary and composed of the following members;

  1. National Chairperson -not full time
  2. General Secretary - full time
  3. National Treasurer - not full time
  4. All union full time appointed staff