ATGWU Plan Strategy 2019 -2023

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ATGWU Strategy 2019 -2023 is a medium to long term plan defining the scope and focus of ATGWU in Uganda. The Union has been operational for over 75 years now since 1938 and the strategic plan will build on a strong foundation that has been established by previous works, with the current projections which include:

  • Increasing the membership base by at least 50 % in next 5 years, focusing on expanding coverage to all regions in Uganda
  • Build the capacity of the institution and staff
  • Development of infrastructure / Business center of the Union.

The purpose of ATGWU strategy 2019 - 2023 are:-

  • To provide a strategic direction for ATGWU in its pursuit to promote access to workers rights and decent work environments in Uganda.
  • Guide the operations in the coming five years and ensure optimal utilization from the limited resources i.e. development of annual work plans and budgets
  • Explain to stakeholders what ATGWU intends to do & how to collaborate ( i.e. Public & private sector, Government of Uganda, International Donor in Uganda)
  • To serve as a tool for resource mobilization.
  • Serve as a guiding benchmark for the achievement of the what ATGWU strategic objectives should be achieved over the 5 year period.

Read the full Report STRATEGIC PLAN.pdf

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