Brief History on ATGWU

17 Aug

Amalgamated Transport and General Workers Union (ATGWU) traces its origin to the first workers organisation in Uganda called the “Uganda Motor Drivers’ Association”, which was formed in 1938 by Mr. James Kivu and Mr. Ignatius K. Musaazi. The two later became so prominent in Uganda and Buganda’s politics and have been honored by the government and buried at the Hero’s square at Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala.

The Union was duly registered with the Labour Department but it rarely functioned, as a true trade union for all the six years it existed comprised of both the young and politically active group of taxi drivers. It also included both employees and owners who were demanding for government subsidies. The association continued to gain momentum and recognition and reached its climax in 1945 when they organised a number of strikes and riots, their major grievance was wage claim although some reports indicated that the strikes and riots had some political motives blended into the economic demands. Consequently, some member especially the leaders like Kivu and I.K.Masaazi were arrested and deported to Karamoja which greatly affected the Unions’ activities.

ATGWU was later re-registered in 1974 after merging with other transport unions. It is affiliated to two Global Union Federations. These are the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and Union Network International (UNI). At the local level it is affiliated to National Organisation of Trade union Uganda (NOTU).

ATGWU organises and represents workers in the following industries;

  • Road Transport Industry
  • Civil Aviation Industry
  • Logistics, Integrators and Delivery Service Industry
  • Oil Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries
  • Private Security Industry
  • Property Service Industry and
  • General Workers in Support Services
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